AWESOME INTERNET – VOL 5 Joe Rogan’s talks about the ‘Society Trap’


If you’re not already a fan of the hilarious and insightful Joe Rogan you probably will be after this jewel for your thoughts.

Oh, if you want more of him check out his podcast – ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ or catch his Youtube channel here.


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AWESOME INTERNET – VOL 4 The Beginning of Infinity


Well, this got the thought juices flowing.

Fueled by the ideas explored in David Deutsch’s new book, ‘The Beginning of Infinity’.

My favourtite part:

we’ve been able to shrink the lag times between our imaginings and their instantiation in the real wold

Awesome Internet – Vol 3 Beatbox Brilliance

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 10.23.43

Here’s 11 mins of your life that you’ll not regret spending!

This guy, Tom Thum is so entertaining and all with just his voice.

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Awesome Internet – Vol 2 Killer calisthenics


I’ve been a fan of bodyweight exercise for a while (TRX, Calisthenics, etc).

The one armed press at 2:24 is just ….well see for yourself.

The power of these guys is just incredible.

I have doing a ‘muscle up’ on the 2013 to-do list. It’s proving to be a lot harder than I first thought though!

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Oh for anyone Dublin based there’s a great TRX class in Blanchardstown if you’re into this type of stuff. Check it out here.

Awesome Internet – Vol 1 ‘Duck Tape Surfing’


Every day I see cool things from around the web that inspire me or that are just plain old cool.

In my ‘worky’ roles I don’t have a place to store and share all the bits I really like so I’ve created ‘Awesome Internat’ – a series of all the best parts of the interweb.

Let’s see where it goes.