About Derek Traynor

Derek Traynor

Let’s start from the beginning:

I went to secondary school in Castleknock College – I loved the place.

I did two years Computer Science in University College Dublin (which I left to start my first business).

The initial business I started led me to a number of years importing motorcycles from Tokyo to dealers throughout Ireland. I travelled a bunch during this time to purchase. I loved doing this and only stopped as the market dried up (thankfully the insurance market worked against me before the recession – I was lucky!). Tokyo is still one of my favourite cities and I’ll definitely return.

As the original business was beginning to get quiet I began to look elsewhere – I looked towards the web and created Allmoto in late 2005

My online activities led me into a role in the higher education software space. Originally this was in the role of business developer for CampusIT. This was a great time where I was involved in multiple areas of the business: sales, marketing, implementations, business requirement gathering, business analyst activities and more.

During this time we launched a start-up within CampusIT – Interact Recruit – an application management platform for higher education with transactional billing. Essentially we gave users free access tou our software and billed them transactionally for when they got value from it. This transformed the way we look at improving software from “what next?” to “what next that increases course applications?”. In short I applied the best practices learnt from eCommerce to improving the student online experience.

In early 2014 CampusIT was acquired by Ellucian (literally the biggest and best business in the world for education software). They took the platform from CampusIT and have applied it to Continuing Education in the US. I help them sell it there now.

In late 2015 I also merged Allmoto with Megabikes (Irelands largest Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycle dealer). I’m not part of the day-to-day runnings of the retail side but I help out the business on all things geeky (CRM, stock systems, shipping systems, marketing, web, media relations, events, etc). If you’re interested in the merger you can get the full overview here.

I spent the better part of 2016 building a house. It was a great experience but one I’ll not repeat for a good few years. I live with my wife Aislinn just outside of Dublin, Ireland on a farm with sheep, chickens, horses and pigs (no really!).

Derek Traynor motocross

Above all else, this is the passion.

I spent my younger years competing on horses and swapped them for motorcycles at age 18. I still spend as much time on two wheels as possible.


Oh, I also blog here, herehere and here.