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VIDEO: Start with why.

I can’t even remember where I stumbled across this little nugget but it’s golden.

It’s a brilliant reminder video to flick back through any time you’re planning collateral/advertising/messaging/whatever.

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Great Tips On Writing a Quality Online Collateral

I came across this on Derek Halperns blog – Social Triggers.

I really like the work he puts out, a bit over enthusiastic at times but still quality writing and presentation style. Check out his site if you’re in any way interested in online sales techniques, presentations, psychology, whatever.

The template discussed here is, in my opinion, perfect for collateral across a huge range of product types.

Anyway, here’s the tips that he sent around in a recent mailshot:

Why Bother with Google Drive?

google drive istall guide

Google Drive is getting rolled out to all G-users over the next few months.

The main idea is to align the product with DropBox and SugarSync…….it’s basically Google Docs renamed with a few loooooong awaited features.

If you’re not aware of the whole concept of online/cloud/backup/whatever storage here’s a refresher:

  • you store your files online
  • you install a ‘magic’ folder on your computer, your Google Drive folder
  • any files that you have online appear in this folder
  • any files you add to the ‘magic’ folder appear online
  • any files you edit on your computer will have the changes synced to your online version
  • if you have multiple devices (iPhone, iPad or multiple machines) the changes are synced across all devices
  • you can share files with people and the changes will sync with their version
  • you can access and edit your files offline and sync the changes when you next get an internet connection

the difference between Google Docs and Google Drive?

The biggest difference between Google Docs and Google Drive is the fact that you can store traditional file types (.xls, .doc, .docx, etc) on your machine, edit using the tools you always liked, and share the updated file with your colleagues.

With the old ‘Docs’ you had two options, neither were great:

  • to download the file and re-upload the new version (leading to massive version control issues)
  • or use the terrible Google Docs online interface for file editing
With Google Drive you get the comfort of using your files on your machine as you wish and the benefit of online storage and sharing capabilities.

How do I get started with Google Drive?

If your Google account has been upgraded (something out of your control) you will see ‘Drive’ in the top bar where ‘Docs’ was.

google drive icon


After you select this you’ll be prompted to install your Google Drive on your machine.

google drive istall guide


Once installed you will have a folder appear on your machine which will fill up with the files from your online storage.

In my case the files were very unorganised (something I feel the old Docs interface caused). With the new setup I could clean up my files on my machine and the re-organised setup syncronised to the online storage. This made the OCD geek inside me smile.

Are there any problems with switching to Google Drive?

One of the pains about making the change is that the files you were editing in the old Docs are now .gdoc files and need to be converted. This is simple but if you have a lot of files it could take a while. However, it’s worth the effort – it’s a massive improvement.

If you weren’t previously a Docs user then it’s completely painless and a no brainer…..other than the fact that it’s feeding the monster.

Either way the switchover is mandatory in a few months so you’ve no choice (that wouldn’t be like Google:)

explain google drive

Is Google Drive any better than Dropbox and Sugarsync?

Not really but if you’re already a Google App user it’s really handy to keep all your online services in one place.

It is way cheaper if you’re considering paying for one of these accounts but the free versions are generally enough for most users.

You get 5Gb (5000Mb) free storage with Drive. This is 3Gb more than Dropbox and identical to SugarSync;’s 5Gb.

With Dropbox and SugarSync you get an additional 500Mb for every person you refer (hence the affiliate links above:). I’m sure Google will release a similar incentive scheme.

Premium users get 25Gb for $25…I think.

I think it’s fairly obvious, but for anyone who’s not aware, this is the definition of cloud storage.

The race for the online storage audience has just clicked up a gear – it’ll be an interesting one to watch!

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Online Video Marketing

motocross clutch lever

Online Video Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools in my box and works for both businesses online and off.

I recently recorded a series of 20 short instructional videos to promote a business of mine – Allmoto. These videos are helpful videos which teach customers how to do quick repairs to their motorcycle.

I’ve created these videos a number of times and I’m always amazed at the results they produce.

These are extremely cheap to create and they look professional. I hire the camera and lighting and use relatively affordable software to edit up the clips. Best of all they are hosted on YouTube (where there is already ton of potential viewers) and thats completely free!

But still, lots of people ask me – “WHY BOTHER?”

6 Reasons You Should Use Video In Your Website

1 – It makes your knowledge scaleable.

There are a few things which I know I am an expert in. Some (lucky:) people know this and look for my help from time to time and providing this by word of mouth is extremely limited.

What I mean by this is, many people ring my office as they know that the helpful information they need is contained in my head. As it happens I’m often away on other work and now my resource (the knowledge) is wasted. The customer is unsatisfied and may go elsewhere.

By creating the videos my staff can easily share the knowledge. The customer goes away happy. The business is still regarded as the niche expert. The customer is retained. It’s highly likely that this customer will need a sellable item from the knowledge they just watched.

2 – It gives you a reason to contact your customers.

Customers hate the hard sell, constantly calling them – buy, buy, buy. With these helpful videos we can now contact them through email, Facebook, Twitter and offer them a cool free resource – the videos.

The content also makes our websites very current as I tend to deliver videos like this over time. It gives people a good reason to connect (socially and email) and/or return to the site.

motocross clutch lever

3 – Build a community.

By creating the videos you have ‘bait’ to grow a community. It can be by RSS, email subscribers, Facebook fans or Twitter followers. You give viewers a reason to follow you.

4 – Become a niche expert.

The video series will further develop the fact that you are an expert in your field. It reinforces customer confidence in your speciality and makes it easier for them to trust you.

It doesn’t matter what the industry is, people like to deal with the experts. You could be the expert in cleaning carpet and people will prefer to buy carpet from you.

he marketing tips

5 – Appreciation.

Your customers will appreciate the work and refer your efforts onto their friends. Your customers will become your best sales person and will refer their friends onto you as they now respect that you’re the expert.

In another article I’ll look at how to make this sharing easy for them.

6 – Immortal Knowledge.

The tips you share is online forever (unless you remove it). This means these videos keep generating leads years after they were created. They are like a never ending sales rep that online users refer to each other.

If you need any help or advice on producing videos like these please feel free to contact me.


Online Video Marketing Ireland

Absolutely Genius Local Business Idea!


I haven’t seen a new idea that has made me smile more in a LONG time. This is old school, relatively cheap, but absolutely amazing at leaving a lasting impression of an area that will last years after the 40 cent is forgotten.

I’ve no idea who set this up but I assume the local shops have these notifications and top up cars nearby.

I take my hat off to the ‘Blackrock and Dalkey’ peson behind this.

genius local business idea

Imagine your delight if you come back to this!