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Online Video Marketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools in my box and works for both businesses online and off.

I recently recorded a series of 20 short instructional videos to promote a business of mine – Allmoto. These videos are helpful videos which teach customers how to do quick repairs to their motorcycle.

I’ve created these videos a number of times and I’m always amazed at the results they produce.

These are extremely cheap to create and they look professional. I hire the camera and lighting and use relatively affordable software to edit up the clips. Best of all they are hosted on YouTube (where there is already ton of potential viewers) and thats completely free!

But still, lots of people ask me – “WHY BOTHER?”

6 Reasons You Should Use Video In Your Website

1 – It makes your knowledge scaleable.

There are a few things which I know I am an expert in. Some (lucky:) people know this and look for my help from time to time and providing this by word of mouth is extremely limited.

What I mean by this is, many people ring my office as they know that the helpful information they need is contained in my head. As it happens I’m often away on other work and now my resource (the knowledge) is wasted. The customer is unsatisfied and may go elsewhere.

By creating the videos my staff can easily share the knowledge. The customer goes away happy. The business is still regarded as the niche expert. The customer is retained. It’s highly likely that this customer will need a sellable item from the knowledge they just watched.

2 – It gives you a reason to contact your customers.

Customers hate the hard sell, constantly calling them – buy, buy, buy. With these helpful videos we can now contact them through email, Facebook, Twitter and offer them a cool free resource – the videos.

The content also makes our websites very current as I tend to deliver videos like this over time. It gives people a good reason to connect (socially and email) and/or return to the site.

motocross clutch lever

3 – Build a community.

By creating the videos you have ‘bait’ to grow a community. It can be by RSS, email subscribers, Facebook fans or Twitter followers. You give viewers a reason to follow you.

4 – Become a niche expert.

The video series will further develop the fact that you are an expert in your field. It reinforces customer confidence in your speciality and makes it easier for them to trust you.

It doesn’t matter what the industry is, people like to deal with the experts. You could be the expert in cleaning carpet and people will prefer to buy carpet from you.

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5 – Appreciation.

Your customers will appreciate the work and refer your efforts onto their friends. Your customers will become your best sales person and will refer their friends onto you as they now respect that you’re the expert.

In another article I’ll look at how to make this sharing easy for them.

6 – Immortal Knowledge.

The tips you share is online forever (unless you remove it). This means these videos keep generating leads years after they were created. They are like a never ending sales rep that online users refer to each other.

If you need any help or advice on producing videos like these please feel free to contact me.


Online Video Marketing Ireland

How not to do Facebook – NV Nightclub’s PR Disaster.

nv nightclub

This has to be the funniest PR flop I’ve seem in ages.

The images contain extreme language so please skip this post if you are easily offended…..on the other hand if you enjoy a good giggle then read on!

So,what happened?

During February 2012, NV Nightclub (a Dublin based nightclub targeted at the upper end of the market) were running a promotion. From what I can tell it was a free bottle of vodka if you turned up with 10 friends.

Apparently on the night they didn’t honor the promotion.

The following day customers started to vent their anger on the business Facebook page.

It snowballed from there.

How did NV Nightclub deal with this PR disaster?

The first thing that NV nightclub did was delete comments from their Facebook page. Nothing annoys customers more than feeling like they are being quietened.

Secondly, they failed to release an explanation/apology immediately. PR101 – whether they were right or wrong they should have released this.

The ‘piece de resistance’ was that someone in control of NV’s Facebook page began retaliating by ‘name calling’ and insulting customers!

See images below:)

Eventually NV Responded offering customers to come into the club for a “face to face”……were they planning to beat them up? The invite almost seemed threatening.

nightclub pr disaster

How did this PR disaster come to be?

What has happened here, in my opinion, is that a business owner, who probably isn’t that familiar with the power of social media, has handed over control to a junior member of staff….at least I hope that is what has happened!

nv nightclub


facebook pr disaster

facebook business disaster

How to recover from Facebook PR disaster like this?

This disaster could have been easily resolved by following a few easy steps:

  1. post up on all your outbound communication channels (Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/website/email list/whatever) that you’re looking into the matter and clearly apologise for any convenience caused.
  2. once you know the full story post a full explanation online and AGAIN APOLOGISE PROFUSELY.
  3. leave any negative comments online (once they don’t contain offensive language).
  4. respond to each individually. This will show confidence and display to people that you can deal with issues like this.
  5. offer to keep your customers happy by giving the affected few a free gift or discount or pass or whatever.
  6. ensure your customers that you will do your best to improve the service.
  7. allow your customers to respond to your explanation online.
  8. keep your opinions of your customers to yourself, bite your tongue and smile through your teeth:)


A disaster like this could have gained the nightclub great press by dealing with a problem professionally, in the open, for the whole world to see.

Instead it went completely wrong and I had to pull my car over as I was laughing so hard:)


Note: If NV Nightclub did eventually issue a formal response and would like this article to show it please contact me and I’ll get it up here.