Email Marketing A/B Test 2 – Content Image

Email Marketing A/B Test 2 – Content Image

So this is the second of these tests that I’ve decided to run and, on this one. I’ve included an image of me looking a bit goofy on a bike (and a lot balder looking than my internal image remembered myself!!). I’ve intentionally put this image above the page fold so it made the most impact.

For people whom are unaware, these A/B tests runs over 4 hours and the two test groups are identical in size groups, all randomly selected from our email subscriber list. Each group receives a different version, one A, the other B. I use Campaign Monitor for these emails, there product offering is great. If you’re considering emailing customers it is THE way to do it.

What this test is measuring is the % that recipients open the email. The difference isn’t massive in this case but 6% is still nothing to be sniffed at!

A slight difference in open rate, not massive but still a difference.

Version A had the image, Version B had none. The result confirmed what I presumed: that people are more likely to open an email that looks somewhat personal. If you’re curious and want to see the emails click here for A or here for B.

One regret I have from this test is not testing with a generic, stock image, to see if the results of the stock image mirrored the version with no image. My gut feeling is that the stock image would have a similar open rate to having no image….maybe I’ll test it at a later stage.

Another thing I noticed recently is the amount that iPhone is growing as an email reader. For this campaign it was the single biggest email client – impressive stat.

Derek Traynor

The growth of iPhone shows the massive importance of having these emails working perfect for these devices.


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