I won’t lie..I started it to make me RICH!

You’re probably wondering: “where did the inspiration to start a blog come from?” . Well I won’t lie – I started it to make loads and loads and loads of MONEY.

When you’re finished cracking up laughing at the title I’ll explain: I run an online shop, Allmoto, from a farm in Meath , just outside Dublin, Ireland. The point of this blog is to protect my beautiful shop from being barraged with the tripe that often comes out of my mouth (or keyboard). For too long I’ve been very opinionated and from time to time this opinion has leaked into the copy of the online shop. No longer now that I have this blog!

I’ve also been semi obsessed (I call it semi, not due to its size, but as I have a number of other simultaneous obsessions at the minute) with the blogger celebrity growth of the last ten years or so. Some of these blogs no longer rely on selling adspace on their blogs but have found new ways of monetising their opinions and stories. Just look at the success of ZenHabits, Allie Broshs’ hilarious HyperboleAndAHalf or David Thornes’ blog . I find it fascinating that these bloggers have found this bedroom fame and, unlike most of the modern age ‘celebrity’, these people actually have something to offer – humour, stories, how-tos, whatever. Hopefully I’ve got something entertaining to offer too.

Another reason for starting it is that on January 1 2011 I have already crossed out one of my new years resolutions. The next thing on the list is to stop procrastinating. I still haven’t actually made the list as I promised myself.


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