How To Tax A Commercial Vehicle in Ireland

Here’s my guide on how to tax a commercial vehicle in Ireland……first lets deal with basics:

There’s a reason why I’m posting this guide, it’s because I just spent the last 9 weeks trying to learn how to tax a commercial vehicle in Ireland(Dec 2011).

You get your renewal form in the post, it requests you to fill it out and return with a DOE(Department of Environment) certificate. You can’t pay online:) I’ve no idea why but you just can’t at the minute. If you haven’t received the renewal form you can get a new one here.

How To Tax A Commercial Vehicle in Ireland

This’ll be the moment of truth for your pride and joy.

So to book your test you call a DOE tester which you’ll find here. If you’re unlucky enough to fail on the first test you can re-book within 21 days and if there’s no equipment needed(ie visual inspection) it’s free. If equipment is needed it’s half price. The cost of booking a test can be found here. For a small van/jeep it’s €77.60.

Be careful: if you manage to lose your passed cert the tax office have no record of it and the test centre can only re-issue one by re-sitting the test (as i found out)!

Next up is a form that isn’t requested with the initial paperwork – your original insurance certificate. For God knows what reason, the tax office have decided to keep this a secret. You do need it, they will post back your form if you don’t include it (as I found out)!

Next up is a new form that also isn’t requested with the original paperwork, the RF111A. This is a form that, according to my local Guard, “the flaming Greens got introduced just before they were ran”! Basically the RF110 form has you stating that your commercial vehicle will only be used for commercial use. Apparently it was introduced to catch the yummy mummys from driving their new Range Rover Sports for €288 a year (this info courtesy of that same local Guard).

So now you have your tax renewal form, your RF111A, your original insurance cert and your DOE cert…unless of coarse you are even a day late with your tax! If you have arrears to pay you need to replace your tax renewal form with an RF100A. Using this form you can declare the months of arrears (back-tax) or have a Guard sign that the vehicle was not used.

So to recap what you need to tax your commercial vehicle in Ireland

  • Motor Tax Renewal or RF100A if you have missed your renewal date.
  • RF111A signed by Gardai (RF111A form is only required the first time the vehicle is taxed. Once it is taxed as a commercial vehicle this form is no longer required.)
  • Current original insurance certificate
  • DOE Certificate
  • Payment details (card, cheque or cash)

Hopefully this will save at least one person the grief I had over the last few weeks.


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