#8ways To Sell More Internationally

So, what is it? Another great day organised by the Irish Internet Association, this one was the the Radisson Blu, Golden Lane (great venue). For anyone who’s not been to or heard of one these ‘8ways’ gigs are generally for online retailers to share ideas, listen to case studies, receive industry expert opinions and have a few (free!) beers afterwards. They price is great value at €99 IMO.

If you’re involved in online retail, or ever plan to be, get yourself to these events.

That'd be Alan from OnlineAdvertising.ie


Obviously all the speakers had loads to say but the points that connected with me are what you’ll find below. I never end up reading long conference reviews so I’ll make this one as painless as possible – bullet – point – style.


Maeve Kneafsey

  • Amarach.com is a great resource for international market research
  • There are 10 million of ze Germans on Stayfriends
  • Research the market before entering, as many nationalities have completely different expectations and online purchasing habits.


John Coburn – SEO for International

  • Google does make assumptions based on our outbound links…it gets a sense of who we hang with.
  • Topology?? Note to self: must get a dictionary app
  • a 30% difference in content on duplicated sites will count as different sites in the eyes of the big G…..hmmmmm
  • Google sees Ireland-England as diffreent as Spain-Africa – Seems crazy but true! This also causes me a pain in the neck.

One thing that I should have asked John is, can a competitor damage your geo-relevance by getting spam-houses in China or India to build inbound links to your site from a weird country? IE if you were ahead of a competitor for a keyword keyphrase could they employ someone to have loads of Indian sites linking inward towards you therefore diluting your relevance in a certain region, eg the UK?



Mark Rogers – Customer Engagement in Multiple Languages

This guy had the best opening statement of all the presenters, setting me in a scene; tired, starving hungry, exhausted, in a foreign country….eventually finding a restaurant, crashing down onto the chair and being presented with a menu that’s NOT IN ENGLISH…but then turning the page and being able to read everything – imagine the relief, the satisfaction – it was a great opener.

On another totally irrelevant note Mark knows the power of the ‘pause’….how many talkers are unable to shut up and let the audience digest what you just said? Anyway, back to business:

  • Google Translate was once called Google Guess – imaging ‘guessing’ what you want to tell your customer.
  • 11 languages reaches 85% of all online users
  • displaying content in the native language of a user triples conversion rates


L-R Mark Rogers, John Coburn, Maeve Kneafsey

Paul Foley – the legal eagle on trading internationally

Ok, I understand this is a tricky topic to make interesting but this was like a lesson on how to do presentation/powerpoint badly. Paul, if your reading this, please take it as constructive criticism but slides with more than 3 words are not cool.

However, he did touch on something that really interests me – the ‘Cookie Monster’. Basically, somebody somewhere has decided that marketers use of cookies is an invasion of privacy and they plan on changing this. What makes me curious is, has anyone sat these people down and showed how cookies are what makes the web relevant? They are what makes it all work. Without them we go back to flicking channel with the remote control – 1990 style. This is sure to be a hot topic in the coming years.


John Heenan – Distribution Solutions

  • the south of Ireland is a net exporter, therefor importing goods is relatively cheaper, it’s the opposite up north.
  • he made an interesting point about an old customer of his whom sold gifts and gave buyers the option for unbranded packaging so not to spoil a present. I might add this option to my checkout for people buying gifts – good tip.


Alan Coleman – OnlineAdvertising.ie

  • can’t do graphic design….or could do for Hyperbole
  • good tool tip – Google Global Market Finder – Try it now here.
  • “recession is on offline phenomenon”
  • he showed us how to hack the Facebook advertisers interface for good market research
  • good tool tip – Consumer Commerce Barometer



Other things worth noting about the day:

  • We went for a few pints after the day, great group of people.
  • For anyone who’s familiar with the IIA, Roseanne (the one with the bright lips and ever changing hair:) is leaving to join the recruitment industry.
  • Joan Mulvihill (IIA CEO) is a great storyteller – ask her to tell you about her lucky hotel (completely clean story incase you were presuming the worst:)
  • Link building seemed to be the most important message of the day…something I’m always a bit lazy on so if you enjoyed this read please, do me a favour, and link to my shop – Allmoto. And, if you want to do one better, use the anchor text ‘ motorcycle parts ‘.


If you’re in involved in online BtoC and don’t attend these events, give yourself a sharp slap – I’ll see you at the next one.




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