Linguistic Reframing – watch your words!

For a long time I’ve been aware of and very interested in how the words we use in conversation affect the decisions that people make – I call it Linguistic Reframing.

A few years ago I got SO interested in the subject that I did a diploma on Clinical Hypnosis so I could begin to understand why some words got significantly different outcomes than others. What I learned over those few months amazed me much more than I ever imagined.

I’ve tons of examples to remember but I’ve started this blogpost as a place to list all the ones I come across. I’ll update as I remember/discover more.

Anyway, here’s the first few examples that I can think of.

Undesirable PhrasesTarget Phrases
it's more expensive it's high quality
it will take as MUCH AS 3 daysit would ONLY take 3 days
I've some bad newsThe update is
The ONLY thing I have isWhat I DO have is…
Don't forget.....Remember....
You'll see thatYou'll notice that
You'll feel thatYou'll notice that
Picture this...Imagine this...


If you know of any I should add to the list please tell me by email, TwitterLinkedInFacebook or contact me here.

Over the years I’ve been testing different email subject lines, Google ad variations and text combinations to see which call-to-actions and words create the outcome I want – more sales/signups/calls/whatever.

One test I ran on the CTA(call-to-action) of a Google image ad can be found HERE.

Some of the email AB tests I’ve ran recently can be found HERE.


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