What are you doing at the moment?

The majority of my time at the moment is invested in making Ellucian successful in the Continuing Education space in Northern America. I spend many evenings online talking to Colleges and Universities across the states about their current needs.

In addition to this I’m also responsible for the business development of Allmoto and Megabikes, both of which I’m a partner in.

And while I’m not at this I’m building a house, helping friends launch businesses, spending time with the other half and trying to get out on my bike!

So, are you available for work?

No. Or at least I’m not actively looking to change at the moment – I love what I do.

However, have a read below to understand where I can add value.

If you understand what I’m about and still feel that you have a proposition that would interest me then get in touch. It never hurts to talk.

Below are some of the areas where I add value to a business.

Sales Cycle Enablement

I’ve been involved in all aspects of sales team enablement in the past. I’ve been a part of multiple smaller sales teams but more recently I’ve been heavily involved in a larger sales effort and thoroughly enjoy the additional challenges that the larger dynamic introduces.

Activities that I enjoy here include:

  • sales demo delivery (web and in person)
  • delivery of conference presentations
  • sales collateral creation
  • demo system preparation
  • sales team functional training delivery
  • presentation preparation
  • co-ordinating RFP responses
  • pricing model creation

Software analysis and feedback

I have years of experience in implementing software – everything from stock control, CRM systems, accounts packages right along to complete student lifecycle management systems.

I work alongside business users and liaise with development teams on a daily basis – I often feel like a translator!

I’ve also been involved with large implementation projects so have a deep understanding of the dynamics of large scale implementations and their complexities,

If you need a fresh set of eyes to review your work – feel free to ask.

Content Creation – Video

Am I a creative Spielberg? – No.

Can I create professionally edited, useful and informative videos to convey the right message and/or training? – YES.

Examples of my less corporate video work is available here. For examples of software demo videos, sales team update videos and more – get in touch.

Content Creation – Blog

If the topic is very niche I will normally sit down with you, draft up topic titles (which you need to then create).

On certain topics (where I feel I’m a true expert) I can help with full cycle blog content creation.

Check the Allmoto blog for examples of my work.

Website Creation

If you need a website setup I always suggest WordPress (unless it’s eCommerce where I’d lean towards a Magento/Wordpress mashup)…..for a dozen reasons that I can explain later.

I’ve plenty of reference examples available. Get in touch if you want to discuss.

For more complex projects I normally draft in the help of freelancers that I’ve used for years as they are much more experienced (and talented!) than I am in this area.

Productivity Implementation

I’ve used most of the tools around: SalesForce, Basecamp, Evernote, Google apps, Office365, DiaryMonitor, Sugarsync, Dropbox, Skitch, and tons more.

If you want to know what the most productive tools are for your business,  just ask.

I pride myself on using the most powerful web apps and configuring them to enable easy adoption by users. If it’s diary management, project note collaboration, syncing multi devices, email, doc sharing and more I can offer genuine advice that comes with real experience.

I have no vested interest in selling these products so my opinion is completely unbiased.

eCommerce Consultation

I can review your current efforts, suggest products to use and approaches to take. I can also offer opinions on a list individuals that are experts in each area – I’ve either currently or previously employed the services of many.

I’ve been selling online for years and have the experience of having tried most ideas and learned from my, sometimes costly, mistakes.

Due to other commitments at the moment, I don’t really have the bandwidth for new projects but I can put you onto the right people to help with whatever project you’re thinking about.

If any of the above resonates with what you need then get in touch.