Email Marketing A/B Test 1 – Subject Line

Email Marketing A/B Test 1 – Subject Line

For those out there interested in findings from email marketing A/B tests here’s the findings from an email I sent out yesterday.

Subject line A = Below Cost Clearance Of Some Allmoto Stock.

Subject line B = Below cost clearance of some Allmoto stock.

Interesting thing is that I would have swore that fully capitalised would have a higher open rate – who knew eh? t just shows that the small things really make a big difference.

It has me wondering if I should be changing all my Google Ads as they are all capitalised on the back of advice – I just hope it was tested advice:)

For people whom are unaware, these A/B tests runs over 4 hours and the two test groups are identical in size groups, all randomly selected from our email subscriber list. Each group receives a different version, one A, the other B. I use Campaign Monitor for these emails, there product offering is great. If you’re considering emailing customers it is THE way to do it.

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